I will never waste time thinking about crazy, restricting diets again. Losing weight and eating healthy has never been easier or more delicious. Thanks Jackie for getting me in shape and keeping me happy & healthy with all my favorite meals. I admire your passion, knowledge and love for what you do. – Daisy Fuentes, Actress
For an actor, the NutriFit food delivery program is the only way to guarantee that you keep up your stamina and physique while working on a project. NutriFit founder Jackie Keller is a tremendous resource. She educates her clients on wellness and nutrition and her food is healthy and satisfying.
– Annabeth Gish, Actress
For Jackie & all my friends at NutriFit...Thank you for taking such good care of me! – Ginnifer Goodwin, Actress
Your food rocks and so do you. – Dennis Quaid, Actor
Weight loss is not a magical thing, and it doesn't happen automatically. Under Jackie Keller's guidance, I have a clear path to follow. With NutriFit's wonderful food, Jackie proves that if you just stay the course, weight loss will follow! – Tia Carrere, Actress
Love the food! – Will Ferrell, Actor
NutriFit is a convenient and healthy way to get back on track with your diet, especially when you're working and too busy to buy groceries. NutriFit taught me that it's not about eating less; it's about eating right! – Susan Sarandon, Actress
I am healthier and happier thanks to all of your hard work! Thank you. – Bryce Dallas Howard
To Jackie and the whole gang down at NutriFit - thanks for the delicious food. – George Segal, Actor
The food is really good - this is quite an amazing concept. – Kathy Smith, Kathy Smith Lifestyles

Jackie Keller's book, BODY AFTER BABY, should be given to every mom when she comes home. Making the NutriFit™ meals were so filling and I could feed my husband too! This should really be called a LIVE-it not a DIE-t. I needed a little more help when work started like portion control so I had the NutriFit™ meals delivered for 28 days. Seriously, I lost ALL of the weight. All of it. She includes these amazing desserts. I never wanted to cheat. I stayed full, nourished and empowered. Thank you Jackie for figuring this all out for the rest of us...I could go on and on...thanks again. – Nicole Ari Parker, Actress

Thanks for the waistline! Billy Bush, Actor

Jackie - Love the treats! Nancy O'Dell, Actor

Thanks for feeding me! Eric Winter, Actor

Thank you for everything - you are amazing. Blair Underwood, Actor

Thanks for keeping me on track - delicious! Julie Benz, Actor

Thank you for the great food! Tim Matheson, Actor

I love your food - Big Kiss! Roselyn Sanchez, Actor

With love and admiration, you are a joy to work with! Florence Henderson, Actor

Thank you for providing our family with your great NutriFit™ service! The pre-prepared dinners are nutritious and delicious, and we really enjoy the convenience of having our dinners ready to reheat and serve every evening. NutriFit™ is just what our family needs to help manage our busy schedules, and with three teenage boys it's incredibly important to always have lots of nutritious and convenient food on hand! Brian Goodell, Olympic Gold Medalist


I want to take a moment to tell you about the great success I experienced because I bought your book "Body After Baby" when I was 6 months pregnant in April 2006.

I was in Borders and was looking for a pregnancy calendar when I came across your book. I took it home and I read the entire book, even the recipes.

I delivered my baby on 9/19/06 and started the diet on 9/24/06 the day after coming back from the hospital. I followed EVERYTHING for 30 days, I was losing weight - FAST!! I went from 187 lbs to 135 lbs by the end of the 30 days. It was a LIFE CHANGING experience. I am thinner now than I was in highschool. (I am 36 years old now). And this was my 2nd baby - my 1st baby I did not follow the plan, it took me 1 year to lose the weight the 1st time. Which tells me there is no doubt in my mind, your plan works. And it works well.

The best thing about your plan, is that I felt GREAT. Absolutely better than ever. It has been 2 years now and I still eat the way I learned in your book, and it will be with me forever. Because I put all the work into it. I now have a plan for life. I feel great and I keep my weight off. I love eating healthy now. I am addicted to feeling good and looking good. I can't thank you enough for putting your plan on the market, and making it available to me. I am so grateful to you, for you have changed my life.

I tell everyone about your book. Unfortunately not many people are willing to put the work into it, but if they only knew what they are missing they would do it. Thank you again. God Bless You. – Patti Thanos

I would have died if anyone saw my pre Body After Baby photos but since I have already lost 32 pounds I can laugh about them now. I discovered the Body After Baby plan when my first child was about to turn one. I was so frustrated with my weight that I tried everything from slim fast to cortislim and everything in between. I knew I was going to see a lot of family and friends that I hadn't seen for a while and I was not happy with the way I looked and felt. My friend told me about Jackie and Body After Baby. I have to say I was willing to try anything... I wish I had found out about this program in the beginning. It would have been a lot less painful to look in the mirror. So the exciting news is I have lost inches. I got frustrated with the weigh in thing and decided to try on some pre-pregnancy pants and they fit! So thanks! It makes me not want to go off this program ever! I feel great! The interesting thing for me is I feel more well balanced and in a better mood. I am not obsessing and getting junk food and it is so nice to have it all planned out for me. Thanks Jackie!
Dawn Feldman Mills

I started on the Body After Baby plan when my son was about a month old. Your staff worked with me on a menu that was breastfeeding friendly. I did the lunch and dinner plan. It was such a relief to have a fridge full of pre-prepared meals that I knew were healthy and ready to go. If I had to grocery shop, cook meals or arrange endless takeout- I would never have made it and I certainly wouldn't have lost the weight! What was so surprising to me is that I never tired of the food choices as I have with other delivery plans...I don't know how you do it, but you had six different recipes for grilled chicken- none of which tasted like the boring grilled chicken I'm used to. The desserts made me feel less like I was "dieting." I also loved that you could fax feedback about the menu each day and impact the next delivery. It took me 9 months to gain 42 pregnancy pounds and with your food, breastfeeding, walking the baby in the stroller and minimal weight training- by my baby's 3 month birthday...I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm grateful to you for a great plan. I already miss the turkey taquitos. This weekend I made the roast recipe from the Body After Baby book for my whole family and my father (skeptical about low calorie takes on any classic) insisted on photocopying the recipe. Kristie

Thanks so much for your help! I have 7 pregnant friends and have been recommending your book to all of them-- it has been, and continues to be, a wonderful resource! Julie

I have a beautiful 2 month baby girl named Sophia. This was my first pregnancy and I gained 36lbs. I had read a review of your book in a magazine, and went out and bought your book in my last trimester to be ready to start once I gave birth. I love your recipes and your approach to healthy eating. I followed your recipes and did not cheat at all and lost all 36lbs in 2 months. It's amazing I feel great again thanks to you. incorporated drinking decaffeinated tea, such as chamomile to sooth my anxieties and it helped a lot. Now I buy quite a few different kinds of decaffeinated flavored tea and enjoy them, I still follow your recipes just because they are easy and healthy and my weight keeps dropping. I have recommended this book to all my friends and even strangers that are pregnant and non pregnant, even my husband and mom started to follow your plan once they saw me shred the pounds. I wanted to share my success with you. It will be great if you could publish another book with another 30 day plan or 60 or 90 day plan for healthy mom's that have already lost the baby weight but want to eat healthy. Katherine Pacheco

I am very pleased to report that I just returned from my long anticipated trip to Hawaii, where I confidently pranced around in a bikini thanks to your Body After Baby program. I am amazed at how easily I lost the weight and, more importantly, how great I feel! Thank you so much for the incredible program you designed. I continue to receive compliments from friends and family - they can't believe how fast I lost the baby weight. I now weigh less than I did when I conceived my second child. I plan on starting the program all over again.

The recipes were yummy and the program was easy to follow. I have to admit that I didn't do all the exercises you suggested (I'm trying to finish my PhD at the moment so time is limited) and I some times didn't follow the meal plan exactly, but the fact that I still lost weight is a testament to your overall plan. This next time around I will implement the exercises and I hope that will make all the difference in achieving my next goal of losing 12 -15 pounds.

Thank you again. I've shared your book with other moms in my mom's group (2 women went and purchased your book) and with some of the moms in my preschooler's class. Many thanks and best of health. Lisa


I am a huge fan of Jackie Keller and her weight loss plan. I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for more years than I care to admit and until I met Jackie and started following her plan, it was a battle I was losing. Jackie shared her phenomenal exercise and eating program with me and over the past year and a half, with her encouragement, I've lost an amazing 85 pounds! And I did it all without surgery. You may think that you know how to lose weight but Jackie has the fine-tuning that really makes it work. I even have a food background, but I owe my success to what I've learned from Jackie. Jackie, thank you so much! You are the best! Dian Thomas, Author of the New York Times best-seller, Roughing It Easy, former Today Show regular

Before wellness coaching, I didn't realize the times of day when I was the hungriest, or why I made the food choices that I was making. Now I think before I eat and try to ask myself if I need to eat that candy bar or pizza, etc. I try to make better food choices. I've become "addicted" to running as a result of the wellness coaching, I even ran my first 5k and have signed up for another. I didn't realize that the coaching would cover areas other than food & eating but we really covered other aspects of family life and work and other parts of my life, all of which are relevant to eating and staying fit. Danielle M.

Knowing that Jackie is there and that she cares has helped with my motivation. I expected only diet and exercise topics but we discuss other issues in my life which are, no doubt, getting in the way of my wellness. Before wellness coaching I kept myself conveniently busy, ignoring my worsening eating and drinking habits. Since then, I have had the help to "put the problem on the table" and start to deal with it. Jackie Horlick, CEO djla Advertising

Jackie's detailed attention and knowing approach have been invaluable to my weightloss needs. With her genuine and personal touch she's like a friend in my corner whose priority is to help me get healthy, fit and feel great about myslef- inside and out. Not to mention, her homemade brownies take delicious to a whole new level! Allison Caldwell

20 lbs weight loss after work injury. . .couldn't have done it without you! Craig Durling

Jackie had a very clear understanding of post pregnancy nutrition and challenges. The sessions were very therapeutic -she is extremely understanding and compassionate - from week to week my personal circumstances changed along with my diet. My clothes fit better although I still have a bit to go! L.M.


NutriFit has really been amazing for me. I have now lost 60 pounds. People stop me all the time to tell me how great I look and what an inspiration I am to them. I always tell them that it was really very easy with NutriFit. The meals have been great and the journey has been a pleasure. Thank you for helping me change my life! Sandy Richman

I joined the NutriFit program almost 2 years ago because my doctor discovered I had high cholesterol. After a few months on NutriFit, my cholesterol dropped 50 points. And a year later, it's dropped another 10 points. This program has taught me how to make better choices when I am on my own. My sincere thanks to everyone at NutriFit. Dawn Manser

As a freelancer, my time literally equals money. And after using NutriFit, I realized that for the price, there is no way for me to duplicate the convenience, quality, variety, and nutrition they provide. Their service has enabled me to focus on accomplishing my work without resorting to fast foods that compromise my health and energy levels. Thanks NutriFit! Warren M

The Salmon I had for dinner last night was the best and what an exquisite presentation. I even did something I never would have done with Lean Cuisine, I put the food on a china plate and it felt just like I was eating a gourmet meal, it's not like diet food at all. Susan Holoff

I have lost 21 pounds on NutriFit and I feel great! The food was fresh, delicious, and tasted homemade (not manufactured). There is so much food, I never felt deprived. My favorite things were the desserts (especially Cookies and Cream Pie)! The most valuable thing I have learned from NutriFit is the importance of healthy, natural ingredients and portion control. It was such a convenience to have my food ready to heat and eat after a long day at the office. I didn't have to worry about grocery shopping and cooking after work! With my hectic work schedule, the convenience of my meal deliveries gave me the opportunity to finally fit in time to exercise. It was a very positive experience all the way. My plan advisor was always very friendly, helpful, and encouraging. Thank you to everyone at NutriFit! Suzanne Kraus

I feel really good in my choosing NutriFit, I am modeling good eating habits for my children; portion control and healthy food alternatives. They see that I have more energy and both look and feel good, my skin radiates which people are noticing and I am a nicer person because I feel good. Kristy Simonian

I want to let you know that (according to my scale), I've lost 17lbs. since I began my meal delivery service. Combined with exercise, I feel great and more energetic. Lillian Letran

I have lost 35 pounds since starting this program and all thanks to you guys... am leaving on my cruise with a whole new wardrobe for all the right reasons! I want to go right back on it when I return home, as I am sure I will put some back on will on vacation...taking your energy bars and brownies with us for treats! Pamela Brenner

The food from NutriFit exceeded my expectations! The recipes are really delicious and the variety of food was really amazing. I had my cholesterol checked by my doctor and she told me to keep doing whatever I was doing because my cholesterol was perfect! During such a busy time of the year for me, the service provided a healthy alternative to my very busy schedule. Pamela Dennet

In the past nine months of eating the prepared dinners I do not think I have eaten the same meal combination twice. The variety is amazing. Roberta Newmark

Since starting your plan, I've increased my activity level to the point where I'm now power-walking for an hour every evening, increasing my time and area almost daily. This is, in and of itself, amazing! I just have so much more energy now that I am eating properly. I thank you and my dog thanks you the most -- she's absolutely loving having a "mommy" who feels better and can now take her out for long adventures every night! Thanks for everything. I'm absolutely loving my meals and I appreciate all you, and NutriFit, do. Bethany Wells

Thank you NutriFit for starting me not only on the path to wellness, but most important, I learned how to eat without "dieting." For the first time, my relationship between exercise and food was actually working together to achieve results. I lost 10 lbs. and lowered my % of body fat. I feel great! It was also very helpful to stay on "maintenance" for the last year. By receiving two meals a day, I was able to have dinner with my husband and still maintain my routine. Words cannot express my gratitude... Stacy Hashimoto

NutriFit really changed the way I look at food. I've learned to know what portions are right for me and that good healthy food can also be delicious! I've lost a total of 18 pounds on the program, and love the way I feel. Darlene Caamano

I love the food and I'm the envy of the office. And I've lost 16 pounds and am no longer on insulin shots. All due to your food. Michael David

I really love the NutriFit program. I have had more energy throughout the day since I began. I do not crave sweets or bread at all. I am completely covered and satisfied as far as range of food goes and I am never hungry!! I definitely feel healthier and look better as a result. The meals without question agree with my body and are super yummy. I am very happy, love it!!! Amy Walker

I wanted to thank you and NutriFit for your delicious meals and tell you I've lost 10 lbs in the last four weeks. It's so great to not have to worry about what to eat. I know every NutriFit meal and snack will be healthy, delicious, filling, and allow me to reach my weight loss goals. Tonja Abel

"On a Sunday last November I had made up my mind that a meal delivery service was what I needed to be successful in my lifelong quest to lose weight. I placed a call to NutriFit expecting to leave a message on an answering machine. To my surprise Jackie answered the phone and extolled the virtues of their service and the fact that the food was fresh, some organic, some from the farmers market, yet all delicious and prepared for ME! I was sold. Now it's the beginning of March and I've lost 44 pounds and feel healthy and more energetic. I look forward to each delivery and can't wait to see what's in store for me each day. The staff at NutriFit has been great adjusting the program to fit my needs. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't comment on the new me that I am becoming." Jeff R

Dear Jackie, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for this incredible gift you've given me of health and vitality! I am so grateful for all your help and support and, of course, the food. I know this weight is coming off in a healthy sustainable way and I'm learning how to manage my weight for the rest of my life. Without you and NutriFit I have no doubt I would be fatter and unhealthier than I was when I started, so thank you, thank you, thank you! Emily Hsuan

"Since starting your plan, I've increased my activity level to the point where I'm now power-walking for an hour every evening, increasing my time and area almost daily. This is, in and of itself, amazing! I just have so much more energy now that I am eating properly. I thank you and my dog thanks you the most -- she's absolutely loving having a "mommy" who feels better and can now take her out for long adventures every night! Thanks for everything. I'm absolutely loving my meals and I appreciate all you, and NutriFit, do." Bethany

Thank you-the weight is peeling off. I feel great! Love your service-you rock! Merry Aronson

One of the things I enjoy the most is the personal attention I receive from you. Your periodic phone calls to check up on how I am doing are welcomed and mean a great deal. Every time I call, you are warm, responsive and efficient at fulfilling my requests. I am not treated as a stranger buying a service, but rather as someone you know and are working with. It makes a big difference. Of all the programs I have been on, your food is simply the best. For the first month I don't think I saw the same food twice. It keeps things interesting and fulfilling. The personal attention you give to my likes and dislikes is wonderful. I feel like the menu I receive is virtually designed around me personally and in a sense it is. The food is healthy, delicious and exceedingly appealing. Susan Silbert

NutriFit™ exceeded my expectations. The food arrived timely as promised. The salads, fruits and vegetables were varied and fresh. The portions were satisfying and with the combination of the meals and snacks I was able to eat something every few hours so I did not feel any hunger pangs. How can you beat opening your refrigerator and taking out your meal all ready to go, no preparation involved?! The people answering the telephones are friendly and always ready to accommodate your scheduling and food needs. This was definitely a positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend this service. Diana Sugarman

This does not feel like a diet at all. The food is restaurant quality and is delivered right to your door. We found ourselves anxiously awaiting to see what the next delivery had in store for us. It's like having an off site personal chef. Shawn F. & Laura P.

My blood sugar has started to run in the 70's and 80's most of the time now and that will eventually mean I can cut back on the amount of medicine I take. It's every diabetics hope to be able to cut back and then cut out medication. The food that Jackie made was good and two hours after I ate it, my glucose was a wonderful 77. Pat Carey

After my physician referred me to a gastro-bypass specialist, I knew I was in trouble. The sleep apnea alone with the surgeon's talk of saline ports being drilled into my abdomen convinced me there had to be a simpler answer. Laurence Myers suggested a regimen of exercise along with NutriFit to avoid the knife. I gladly accepted the advice. One of the hardest things to do is be consistent in your eating habits. NutriFit's diverse menu along with its ability to take the guesswork out of planning meals made my job of eating and enjoying easy. Delivery to home or office...I could not be more pleased. James Kitazaki (lost 144lbs in 8 months)

The food is fresh, nutritious and made from the finest ingredients. The delivery service has been 100% reliable and the people you deal with on the phone are unfailingly pleasant. Shari Kahane, M.D., R.N., Family Practice and Emergency Medicine

It's the first thing that's ever worked for me! Eric Bentley (lost 35 lbs in 6 months)

After 2 years on Zone Gourmet I feel like I have hit the jackpot! The difference is astounding! This food is just amazing! I wasted way too much money & time on Zone Gourmet! Thank You! Devon McCleary

I have tried four various "zone" diet companies prior to NutriFit™. They all have very nice ads and brochures BUT when it comes to really gourmet and nutritional cuisine nothing comes close to NutriFit™. Some of the meals I have enjoyed are as good as many of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles. My wife and I really appreciate the high standards you maintain. We feel very fortunate to have found you. Thanks again. Rod Chase


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